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10 Tips For Eating More On Less Cash.

I have often heard that people say good food is for the rich. I dare say that good food is for those who plan for it. Let’s check out some tips that can help us eat so much for so less.

1. Make food important to you. Its easy to get a salary and immediately think of the latest phones, shoes and non-essentials to buy. Then we ‘drink Garri’ for the rest of the month. It should be the other way round. Set aside money to cover your necessity. Other things should follow.

2. Bulk purchase. So now you have made your monthly budget. Don’t keep that money,you’ll be tempted to spend it on other things. Get shopping. Buy items in bulk. Don’t be afraid to haggle in the open market.

3.Buy only what you need. So you walk into a megastore and all the attractive packs starts staring at you. Bring out your list and mind your business. Afterwards, if you have some cash to spare, please yourself.

3.Examine items thoroughly. Whether at the open market or at megastores, examine items for quality, quantity, expiry date, nutritional value, likely allergies etc. Of what use is buying what will end up in the trash. Be wise.

4.Look out for discounts, BOGOFs(buy
One get one free) and new products. The beauty of new products is that they are usually relatively cheaper and of good quality so as to attract buyers. So get attracted at least that first time.

5. Look out for lesser known brands. They are usually less expensive and always of equal or even more quality than the household names. Unless you are sure that the quality isn’t the same, why pay more just for the name? Sometimes, the lesser known brands surprisingly are made by the same company that make that expensive one.

6. Identify where to get the best bargains. For sundries and beverages, certain stores might be good, yet some other markets may sell cheaper meat and poultry. Some may be better at other food items so know your markets well. If you can bear the stress, they may be a particular market that has unbeatable prices like Mile12 or Oyingbo in Lagos Nigeria.

7. Pool-shop. If you can get family and friends together, is it possible to pool money and buy things in bulk. This may afford one the opportunity of buying items that might have been previously out of reach. It can also be used to help those that don’t have so much.

8.Have more home made meals. This is a huge money saver. Using good quality coolers to take food to school and work can help preserve the warmth of these meals thus reducing the need to eat out much.

9. Pay attention to seasonal foods. When foods and fruits are in season, eat them as much as is permissible health wise so that when they are off season and you have to pay an arm and a leg for it, you can close your eyes to it. Besides when its in abundance they are usually very healthy and more nutritious. We shall discuss some fruits and vegetables and their seasons soon.

10. Take advantage of travel and buy local products. So you are in Benin and plantain is like much in abundance. Fill your luggage with plantain. Or you know someone coming in from Jos. Order a bag of potatoes and onions and eat to stupor!

Eating well is a right and not a privilege. Regardless of one’s status, with proper planning you can make it.

Have a food-filled life!

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