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Humor 10.

Dear Angelina, your mother raised you using wrappers but you have ‘stepped up’ to duvets. You better get up before you die of heat. 2. No matter how glamorous it looks, asoebi is a uniform. 3.  Yoruba people be like: Mama Titi: ki ni ka ha ni Iyawo Titi? (What should we distribute as souvenirs at Titi’s wedding? Mama Bose: …

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Humor 9.

Never make anyone make you feel less of a person. Even in poverty, you’re almost as good as a rich man. 1. A rich man drives a customized security car, you’re the only one that knows how to connect two wires before your car can start. 2. A rich man uses a passworded and voice recognition phone, you’re the only …

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Humor 8.

Pepper dem gang. I know why Yorubas are the most patient people. If you can endure pepper stew there is no harshness you cannot tolerate. Of Courage and bravery. So a friend had been inviting me to a social meeting. Last week I obliged her. In his speech at the occasion, the chairman said: ‘In unity we achieve our purpose. …

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Humor 7.

Let’s go clubbing. When your dad is an arsenal fan. You: Dad, I’m so sorry. I failed the course again. Dad: Don’t worry son, I understand. Sometimes in life we just get beaten again and again. Its not your fault though, I honestly think that lecturer should be removed. When you have a Barca daughter: Daughter: Dad! I told you …

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