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Humor 13.

The Folly Of Oversabi (Doing Things Excessively). Some people will just see trouble sleeping and wake it up for a selfie. Cynthia announced at work that she will be getting married. Normal thing. But she said it will be in an unusual way. It will be the talk of the town. First, it will be on a Thursday as per …

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Humor 12.

Dress Gone Wrong. The day I knew my tailor never meant well for me was when I gave her a purple fabric for her to make me a jumpsuit. Instead of the gold sequence I told her to use for the bust, she uses a greenish something I don’t even understand. I didn’t realize how bad it was until I …

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Humor 11.

My grand aunt came to visit me. It’s her first time since my wedding so I show her the wedding album. 1st picture, I’m pouting. Grand Aunt: kilode ti o se se enu bayi? (Why is your mouth this way?). I explain. 2nd picture, I’m dabbing. Grand Aunt: kilode ti o se fi owo boju. Ta lo n sa fun? …

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Lessons From The Wellingtons

Lessons from the Wellingtons. To all the everlasting bachelors out there, it’s not so difficult getting a wife. Do you remember that girl you acted Cinderella with in ss3? Go search for her on Facebook. If it worked for Banky, who says it can’t work for you? And did anyone notice Adesua’s simple and natural hair? So guys, if a …

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