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Humor 16- Some Impossible Kids.

A friend brought her kids over to mine for a visit. They attend one of these private schools where they are taught to speak English better than the English man. Those kids can talk for Africa! Soon the gist got to food matters. They told me the different foods they eat; sandwiches with smoked turkey filling, steamed vegetables and different …

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Humor 15.

Hope you’re having a good evening. There’s one anty in my area that we have become somehow close. Her name is iyabo. She’s single and in her early forties. I’ve always felt that she could dress and groom more tastefully so when she told me about one bro Kola who was showing interest in her, I decided that I will …

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Humor 14

Aging with swag. I attended an event recently and took some really nice pictures with family and friends. There was this beautiful one where some of us gather around a matriarch and I wanted to upload it on facebook. But first, out of courtesy I sought the permission of everyone in the picture. All the younger ladies gave their consent …

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