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Avoid The Mix Up. Loss, Lose, Loose, Lost and Lust.

Hi all, have you ever heard someone mix up these words. Have you ever been confused as to which one fits the idea you want to convey?

Have fun reading this article and feel free to share with someone you know who might need it. Loss, Lose, Loose, Lost and Lust.

Loss – It’s a noun. The state of losing something or what was lost. E.g. He sold at a loss, the death of the Pilot is a great loss.

Lose – A verb. It is pronounced lu:z. Arsenal fans are used to this. Losing 5 – 1 is not a small matter.

Loose – An adjective. It describes something not fitting tightly. E.g. These shoes keep coming off my feet. They are loose. Pregnant women wear loose-fitting clothes.

Lost – Past tense of the verb to lose. E.g. Lost and found. (remember the action to lose and to find has happened in the past).

Lust – Strong sexual desire without ideal or spiritual feelings. A passionate but unreasonable desire.

It can be quite unpleasing to ears when one hears sentences like ‘I’m sorry for the lost’, ‘Arsenal(perfect example) will loose this game’. ‘The bag is lust’.

and conversely there’s a level of confidence that comes with speaking right.

Hope this article helps you achieve that.

Have a fun-filled life!

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