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Why Are My Own People Not Patronizing Me?

Often, I hear people complain that they don’t get the right support for their businesses especially from family, friends, neighbors and other persons they are in a form of relationship with other than strangers. They complain that it is total strangers, mere acquaintances or long-lost buddies that rally round to patronize them and provide a lot of support for their …

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Lessons From The Wellingtons

Lessons from the Wellingtons. To all the everlasting bachelors out there, it’s not so difficult getting a wife. Do you remember that girl you acted Cinderella with in ss3? Go search for her on Facebook. If it worked for Banky, who says it can’t work for you? And did anyone notice Adesua’s simple and natural hair? So guys, if a …

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Quick Teaser 1.

Why do we find it easy to pull the generator but find it difficult to raise 2 to power 10? If 4 is a perfect square, why won’t we still be hungry if we eat only 3 square meals? Why do people strive to be the greatest of all times only to be called a GOAT?

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Avoid The Mix Up. Loss, Lose, Loose, Lost and Lust.

Hi all, have you ever heard someone mix up these words. Have you ever been confused as to which one fits the idea you want to convey? Have fun reading this article and feel free to share with someone you know who might need it. Loss, Lose, Loose, Lost and Lust. Loss – It’s a noun. The state of losing …

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