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Keep Calm And Give! (CoVid19).

Brokevid20 will worsen Covid19 because an empty stomach with crying children will not stay at home. The only cure will be givingmicin and generositin. While telecoms and internet services companies are in for a bumper harvest, do you know who will be most affected? Our tailor sisters, barber friends, nail beauticians, make-up artists and the likes. Skilled workers especially the …

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Humor 16- Some Impossible Kids.

A friend brought her kids over to mine for a visit. They attend one of these private schools where they are taught to speak English better than the English man. Those kids can talk for Africa! Soon the gist got to food matters. They told me the different foods they eat; sandwiches with smoked turkey filling, steamed vegetables and different …

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The Journey.

Dear reader, Welcome. This blog is a picture of what has been, and what will be. Since September 2015, for most Thursdays I sent out tips on food and food related issues to my contacts on whatsapp and Facebook as an advertising strategy for my foods business.  Therein, I rediscovered my passion for writing and creating wholesome, educative and entertaining content. Today, we are here. The story continues. Food. Food issues. Lifestyle. Fiction (yes fiction!). Enjoy our first story- Ivana. Wishing you a food-filled life, D. A.

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