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FOOD TIMETABLE 1- Benefits of a Good Food Timetable

Have a Food Time Table.
Part 1: Benefits of a Food Time Table.

Growing up in the 80s and 90s, most homes had a food time table. Life was simpler and traffic was less stressful. Many families had at least one parent either as a civil servant or own a personal business so it was easy for most families to have at least dinner together. Now that schedules are busier, eating right as a family may be one of the casualties. A good food time table can fix that. How?

Having a food time table is a healthier, faster, more interesting and more affordable option. You can keep track of your feeding pattern, plan meals ahead and buy only food items you really need.

Some think that it will make eating a routine and boring. On the contrary, it helps with variety. For instance, in the table you can fix eba on one day, and semovita on another day. It could be interchanged with amala or pounded yam or other morsels. The important thing is that you know on Wednesday and Saturday it’s swallow or morsels.

A time table enables one eat properly. Without a time table, we can spend half the time thinking of what to eat. In the end we settle for the easy option. Some persons discover that they end up eating a particular kind of food for days in a row. With a time table you know what you to eat and how to make it.

A food time table helps to accommodate the health needs of all members. Everyone sees it as a family thing and will willingly make compromises where necessary.

It is a cheaper option. With a food time table, you don’t need to buy or overstock some items. You know what is needed, what is consumed more than other things.

It helps children embrace all kinds of food. Except on health grounds, children will have no choice but to eat what is on offer. This increases their ability to appreciate food.

It creates orderliness. Everyone knows whose turn it is to cook and what should be done. So the kids can buy and pick the vegetables before mummy returns from work, or grind the beans for moin moin.

The benefits of a food time table are numerous. However, it is only useful if it can be followed. The next part of this series will discuss tips on having a practical yet enjoyable food time table.

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Use a food time table to eat right!

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