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HAVE A GOOD FOOD TIMETABLE 2- Be Practical And Realistic

This is the second part of the 3-part series entitled: Have a Good Food Time Table.

Be practical and realistic.

A good food time table should meet the nutritional needs of the family. At the end of each day, all the food consumed by the family should have covered the major nutrients essential for life.

I am tempted to give out a few time table samples but I’ll rather we discussed tips on how to create a time table that is easy to apply. Of what use are plans if they will be too difficult to implement?

1. Follow a pattern. Some families find it easy to eat eggs every morning. That can be paired with rice, yam, spaghetti, plantain and good ol’ bread. Did you notice that were you to fix the above for each day, you’ve had 5 breakfasts sorted out! And these are meals that can bring made in minutes!

2. Keep it simple.
Breakfast nutritionists say is the most important meal of the day. Yet, mornings are the most challenging so it’s best to keep it simple. Can you make meals that can be ready in record time, or can be eaten while commuting to work or school? Most cereals are fortified with nutrients so a bowl with milk might just be fine. Same goes for a mug of hot chocolate and perhaps an apple. What’s important is to eat and eat right.

3. Maximize time. Most families enjoy Sunday rice. Can you double the quantity you cook and have the second half for lunch on Monday? Can you make out time on a weekend to make moin moin for keeps? You can then have it for lunch at work with rice or bread. Let’s say you eat beans one evening. Can you parboil a double quantity and set some aside. While having dinner, you can add rice to the other half and cook. It could serve as a great lunch the next day.

4. Maximize perishable ingredients. Let’s say you usually buy a bunch of plantain on Tuesday. You have some with beans on Tuesday, you can have rice on Wednesday and plantain pottage on Thursday. Plantain must never go to waste!

5.Move the gist to the kitchen. Dear husbands, make cooking more fun for us. Just come around and be good company. If there are things you can do, please help out. It doesn’t make you less of a man, besides it helps couples bond more. Children should also be involved. Friends and relatives discreetly make yourselves useful too.

6. Be mindful of the contents and quantity of meals. If you’ve had a very heavy breakfast, or you know dinner might be quite heavy, you can play it down by going light on lunch. A cup of garri with groundnuts and or fish is a good but very healthy snack. Same goes for Akara.

7. Endeavor to have an early dinner. This can be quite challenging for persons who get home late from work. Sad as it may sound, many persons only real meal may be dinner. Try to eat as soon as you can. Perhaps you can eat more of the soup than the swallow. And if you get hungry later, fruits might be just fine.

8. Always have stew. What’s the worst that can happen? With stew, you can eat rice, bread, yam or spaghetti. Stew always to the rescue.

9. Fruits and vegetables can never be too much. They provide very important nutrients for human life. Incorporate them as much as possible into your daily life.

10. It’s OK, to ‘cheat’ on the time table occasionally. But don’t make it a habit. If you must skip the table, it must be worth the skipping. For something better or a new recipe.😉

We hope these tips help. We’ll be glad to hear from you. We’ll be glad also to get tips from you. Next post, we will consider ways of making healthier and tastier meals.

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What are you waiting for! Get your family together and make your food time table!

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