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Hiya, here comes the last of the 3-part series on making a good food time table. It was fun writing this and I hope the tips have been useful. Alright, let’s get started.

Making a good food time table 3- making tasty meals.

Hope the following tips help.

1. Cook with all your heart. Yes. Whatever we do in love and with all our hearts usually turn out well. Enjoy the cooking experience. Envisage the happiness and satisfaction that will come from each bite, each taste and cook on!

From this point, we’ll have to take the tips on an item by item basis.

2. Rice in a million ways. Let’s face it, rice is so easy, fast and nice. This can make it very boring. So vary the cooking and make every meal one to remember.
Jollof rice- adding a little margarine (deep blue cover blue band will suffice) and white pepper just before its done enhances the taste and look.
Fried rice- stock, stock stock. If you boil your rice in rich stock, you don’t need so much curry anymore. It would have a nice fine color and taste.
Ofada rice- need no saying, Kings square foods ayanmase sauce is the way to go.

2. Palm oil. As much as possible, heat up your palm oil before adding to the rest of the cooking food. This works pretty well with beans. Besides if the oil has been lying around for some time, it will help to get rid of that tacky taste.

3.Bread. There are different types of bread. Why stick to the regular sliced ones all the time. Buy burger loaves and make flat meat balls add tomatoes and butter or cheese with some lettuce. Sounds like what you have at KFC? Trust me you can make much more for less! And its so easy, everyone can make theirs themselves. Besides hubby and the kids Will have you to thank. Same goes for hotdog and sandwiches.

Do you have 1-2 day old bread that everyone is avoiding? toss it into the oven for 1-2 minutes or in a dry but clean frying pan on the burner. This will make it soft and fresh again. Don’t microwave it though, it will become rubbery and useless.

4. Stew. Always to the rescue. Chop a few curry leaves into your stew and transform the taste. Another time, be generous with crayfish. You could grind your peppers roughly. It’s always tastier. Fresh fish stew, even mackerel and other frozen fish also enhance stew taste. The key is to be adventurous.

5.Onions. Oh I so love them. They are my secret formula (yeah you got me). Start and end with them. For soups and other foods, chop some onions when you turn off the fire. Let’s residual heat unleash the fine aroma while the onions retains its crunchiness while you eat. Oh so tasty.
Garnish your jollof rice with onions cut in rings and green peas.

6.Spaghetti. With all the talk about noodles and high sodium, spaghetti is a better, healthier and tastier option. It cooks for about the same time as noodles. You can cook it the jollof way, or eat with plain stew, or stew with chicken suya, or minced meat sauce, or fry onions, carrots, green pepper and garlic and add some stew. Just vary what you it spaghetti with.

7. Smoked fish. These are the game changers. They make food so tasty for so less. De-bone them and add to soups or stews or concoction rice( I so love them) or jollof spaghetti or yam pottage or anything! And you’ll eat till you forget your name.

8.Feel free to try foods from other cultures locally and globally. Like an Indian chef says, food doesn’t know race, or color or tribe, it knows humanity. It is one of the ways the Almighty God manifests his love for us. Ability to eat a variety and distinguish and appreciate taste. Don’t limit yourself, indulge!

9.Feel free to ask for help. It doesn’t make you less of a person. One food we need to eat often is the humble pie. At least Google won’t laugh at you.😃 conversely, if someone asks for your culinary assistance, be kind enough to help. There are so many other things they may know better than you. Food should unite.

10. Presentation matters. Invest in very fine and quality chinaware. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Just decent, but tasteful.

We enjoyed writing this series. We highly appreciate your feedback. Let’s get more tips from you too. Thanks.

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Wishing you good food, tasty ones eaten with joy and happiness.

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