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Humor 10.

  1. Dear Angelina, your mother raised you using wrappers but you have ‘stepped up’ to duvets. You better get up before you die of heat.

2. No matter how glamorous it looks, asoebi is a uniform.

3.  Yoruba people be like:

Mama Titi: ki ni ka ha ni Iyawo Titi? (What should we distribute as souvenirs at Titi’s wedding?

Mama Bose: Asiko ojo la wa. A le ha sweater. (This is rainy season, we can distribute sweaters.)

4. The colour of a plate of jollof rice says a lot about the cook. If it is a lively orange color with spots of green pepper and rings of white onions, the cook must be a pretty and smart lady with good taste.

But when the rice is looking burnt and it tastes like bitterleaf, just know that the bachelor who made it is overdue for marriage.

5. Misplaced priority is when an unemployed corper uses her last allowee(youth service allowance) to buy gold shoes instead of black ones.

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