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Humor 12.

  1. Dress Gone Wrong.

The day I knew my tailor never meant well for me was when I gave her a purple fabric for her to make me a jumpsuit.

Instead of the gold sequence I told her to use for the bust, she uses a greenish something I don’t even understand.

I didn’t realize how bad it was until I got to a children’s party and a little boy says ‘mummy, see Barney!’.

I couldn’t get up until everyone left.

Anty Caro, wehdone ma.

2. What Food Reveals.

The colour of a plate of jollof rice says a lot about the cook. If it is a lively orange color with spots of green pepper and rings of white onions, the cook must be a pretty and smart lady with good taste.

But when the rice is looking burnt and it tastes like bitterleaf, just know that the bachelor who made it is overdue for marriageLife is not fair.

3. Trousers hide ringworms, skirts reveal mosquito bites. No, life is not fair.

4. Punishment is when you wear a jumpsuit to work on Friday and you start purging(running stomach).

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