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Humor 13.

The Folly Of Oversabi (Doing Things Excessively).

Some people will just see trouble sleeping and wake it up for a selfie.

Cynthia announced at work that she will be getting married. Normal thing. But she said it will be in an unusual way. It will be the talk of the town. First, it will be on a Thursday as per “wednextday”. Second, it will be a cocktail and a buffet. Third, it will be a garden party in the afternoon.

Garden party keh in this hot sun? She said weather forecast says the day will be bright and cool. Afterall, Banky and Adesua got married outdoors.

I laughed in swahili. Dis girl no know sey, where South Africa sun dey jss1, naija sun na headboy. Dem no be mate at all. Anyways, go shall we.

Cynthia picked ankara and gele/cap for 10k, unfortunately that period i was broke and couldn’t buy. She come dey carry face for me. So, IV i no see, text message i didn’t get. No wahala. I’m still a good girl, i will not pay evil for evil. I will still attend the wedding. Let me say the truth sha, na the cocktail and buffet i dey target.

Them no let us hear word for office again. Cynthia’s wedding gist everywhere. Finally the day comes.

The office was closed yesterday. Everyone was to attend the wedding. With no invitation, I had no choice than to ask for directions.

I call Sam.

Me: Hello.. hello… Sam… Are you there?… Why is it noisy and breaking?
Sam: Hello, hello, Dami, I can’t hear you. The line is breaking. Its raining heavily here.

Rain keh? Wasn’t there a weather forecast?

Me: Move out of the rain. Find shelter somewhere.
Sam: Shelter? Na one forest for alagbado Cynthia carry us come o. Nothing like shelter. Even MD and his wife are both in the rain.

I’m stunned! My beloved MD and his beautiful wife with her chinese eyes. Dat woman fine well well. Notwithstanding that, i will still attend. Atleast, just to ‘show face’.

Me: Please remind me the color of the asoebi again.
Sam: Just wear white.
Me: White? Was it not blue abi green?
Sam: It was purple. But rain has washed it off. The cloth is fading. It is now white. Dami please cut this call. Don’t let rain spoil my phone.

Chai. Wahala.com. Change of plans. I make me some juice and watch tv. All the best, office people.

This morning, everybody just dey vex. Dem say the rain beat them like stubborn children. Instead of cocktail, they drank lipton(tea). Everybody just dey wear sweater upandan. Them come dey share aboniki (a very hot chinese balm). Cynthia wan dash them pneumonia.

Even MD sef dey vex. I heard that the rain showed the real shape of his potbelly. The rain washed his wife’s makeup.They saw her real face. Dem say she no even fine sef. Na concealer dey help her.

MD called an emergency meeting. Cynthia has been sacked on three counts.
1. For organizing a garden party on a rainy day – Lack of due diligence.
2. For selling substandard asoebi at double the price- Financial Misappropriation.
3. For allowing all staff to see the true shape of his potbelly and madam’s real face- Insubordination and gross misconduct.

It was indeed an extraordinary wedding. Oversabi dey wound person.

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