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Humor 4

Hypocrisy is when you enjoy farting in private but you hold your nose when a lawma truck(waste collection truck) is passing.

When a guy is suddenly forming fitfam, he may be broke. Read:
Obi: Jay, make we go drink.
Jay: guy, Na water sure pass o. All this alcohol they spoil liver.
Obi: OK. Just catfish peppersoup.
Jay: The cholesterol no good. Make we just stay house watch TV.
Obi: I just feel like going out. I need some company. I go pay.
Jay: And beer no too bad o. One bottle dey OK. Even catfish sef. Na protein. Na too much of everything no good. Make I wear shoe.
Obi: You no well.
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Wrong place wrong person.
All the days I come out of Dominoes and Chinese restaurants and Cinemas I won’t see someone familiar o. The only day I ever used a public toilet at under bridge Oshodi that’s the day I saw Mrs. Nwachukwu my pry 5 class teacher. I was happy that she will not recognize me until I felt a tap on my shoulder and that gentle voice: “Kayode, after all these years, you still poo poo a lot.”

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