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Humor 5

Office Shenanigans.
Beware of that worker that has been in the company long before every other person and even when people are leaving she refused to resign. It is cheaper for your boss to pay her salary than to install a CCTV camera.

And some secretaries can be heartless tho’. They will be typing someone’s sack letter and when he says hello they still have the mind to say ‘don’t forget the credit you promised me so that I can be calling you’.

On to recession…
Recession has made Nigerian parents nicer. In the past when I want to visit my friends my mum would tell me that if they offer me food I should tell them that I’ve eaten. Now just to return DVD to my neighbor what I’m hearing is
‘greet mummy Esther and remind her that we don’t eat pepper’.

Meanwhile at work…
Recession has forced everyone to look for a side hustle. Even my boss is saying that from 1st Jan, a cup of cold water from the dispenser will be N10 and hot water will be N15. Anyway, I’ve got plans. There’s a bag of sachet water under my desk and I’ll be selling for N5.

That’s not my first hustle. I sell garri, John sells sugar and milk and the secretary supplies groundnut. The person I pity is the staff canteen woman. The place has closed down since September.

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Damilola Abayomi is a Lawyer, Writer and Entrepreneur. She is the creator of the motivational quotes called Monday Thoughts which debuted on the first Monday of December, 2020.

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