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Humor 8.

Pepper dem gang.
I know why Yorubas are the most patient people. If you can endure pepper stew there is no harshness you cannot tolerate.

Of Courage and bravery.
So a friend had been inviting me to a social meeting. Last week I obliged her. In his speech at the occasion, the chairman said: ‘In unity we achieve our purpose. Like lions we are bold and courageous. Facing challenges in oneness like elephants…’

Suddenly a lizard drops from the ceiling on to the high table. Come and see courage! In 30 seconds the whole hall was empty. One 65 year old woman even flew out of the window.

A child is asking:
Research has shown that humans need to eat 4-5times a day. Before recession my parents were giving me three square meals and now it is twice daily. Yet they want me to obey them for 24hours. Biko where is the power?

My best food.
I remember the essays we wrote in primary school. Myself. My family. How I spent the last holiday. The one I loved most was ‘My best Food’. We would describe the most exotic dishes. Fried rice and chicken and salad and plantain and moin moin. Pounded yam and egusi soup with orisirisi. Chinese rice and fish in lemon butter sauce and vegetable salad.

Last week I came across an interesting definition of ‘best’. Among other things, it mentioned that best means ‘something you do so frequently that it becomes your favourite. Something you love so much that you do it often.’

So Junior, that pounded yam and edikan ikong that contains animal republic that your mother cooks once a year when your daddy gets his annual bonus cannot be your best food. It is your dream food.

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