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Humor 7.

Let’s go clubbing.
When your dad is an arsenal fan.
You: Dad, I’m so sorry. I failed the course again.
Dad: Don’t worry son, I understand. Sometimes in life we just get beaten again and again. Its not your fault though, I honestly think that lecturer should be removed.

When you have a Barca daughter:
Daughter: Dad! I told you PSG 101 was a mistake. I made it this time! Not only did I pass PSG102, I was also among the highest scoring.
Dad: I’m so proud of you darling, going by your antecedents I knew you would recover. I love you!

And your Liverpool neighbour.:
Tony: Emeka abeg come follow reach Stella place for the next street. That their gate side too they dark. I no like to waka there alone.

And when your son is a Chelsea boy:
Mummy: Chibuzor! Have you done your homework?
Chibuzor: Yes mummy.
Mummy: Have you read your books?
Chibuzor: yes mummy.
Mummy: I’m not comfortable with that Play Station you are playing. I will accept only first position from you or nothing.
Chibuzor: You have no cause to worry mum, I’ve got everything covered. There’s no way anyone is taking first position from me. Even if that Tottenham girl passes all her subjects she can’t make first place this session. I’m So ahead of them.

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