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Humor 9.

Never make anyone make you feel less of a person. Even in poverty, you’re almost as good as a rich man.

1. A rich man drives a customized security car, you’re the only one that knows how to connect two wires before your car can start.

2. A rich man uses a passworded and voice recognition phone, you’re the only one that knows how to manoeuvre your broken screen before you can use your phone.

3. A rich man spends time at the gym trying to shed excess fat and keep fit, but that distance you trek from your house to the bus stop every morning is the secret behind your slim figure.

4. A rich man forces himself to be in bed early as the doctor advised 8hours of sleep, but because of a lack of electricity and high cost of petrol, your sleep time is 8.30pm.

My brother, it’s just a matter of description.

Have fun!

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