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Humour 1- January Blues

January Blues.
Dear January, please come and do and be going. It feels like my salary has gone to the village. All the accountant keeps saying is ‘madam, don’t worry, it will soon come.’

And a note of warning:
If you are doing ‘ajo'(collective contribution) please get a good collateral and two guarantors from the recipient of this month’s. It is always hard for them to pay back. Last year in my office, kola disappeared completely. We hear he nows rides Keke in Ilorin.

Boss Welfare:
Business is slow and the month is so long. I’m worried for my boss. He hasn’t been happy. I have a plan.
Remember how when we were young our uncles and aunts tickle us and coo in our ears when we cry, and we start laughing and feel better, I’m going to try it with him.

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  1. Lol…. If u try that with your boss you are on your own o. I can just imagine the scenario hahaha. Nice blog !am catching my groove this nite

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