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Humour 2 – Guys and Baes

I’m out for the guys and babes today:

Advice for the ladies:
Instead of your boyfriend to send money to his mother he buys you Teddy bears and flowers every month. You arrange them on your bed, take selfies and upload instagram. Sister, please don’t complain when you start dreaming of animals chasing you in the bush.

And guys:
Because your girlfriend is encouraging you to build a house you think she’s wife material. She’s only being smart. She knows it will be better to argue with you in a duplex than to have the neighbors peeping and saying ‘papa Chioma una don start again?’

Mother-in-law issues.
If your mother-in-law prefers your husband’s brother’s wife to you, it is during a family party that she will show herself. You’ll hear ‘Tola you will chop the onions, wash the ponmo and pound the yam. Bisola dear, come and tie my gele for me.’

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Damilola Abayomi is a Lawyer, Writer and Entrepreneur. She is the creator of the motivational quotes called Monday Thoughts which debuted on the first Monday of December, 2020.

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