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Keep Calm And Give! (CoVid19).

Brokevid20 will worsen Covid19 because an empty stomach with crying children will not stay at home.

The only cure will be givingmicin and generositin.

While telecoms and internet services companies are in for a bumper harvest, do you know who will be most affected? Our tailor sisters, barber friends, nail beauticians, make-up artists and the likes. Skilled workers especially the human contact related vocations.

Please let’s give as much as we can. Food, money, resources, and the good news. Safely though.

Dear Employer, please pay now if you can. Shut down if you can. Encourage remote work if you can.

Dear Employee, please remote work is not a holiday. Don’t take your employer’s magnanimity for granted. Deliver on tasks promptly and efficiently. Remote work is not Netflix and Africa Magic during ‘office hours’.

If the only reason you don’t want to help someone is because of a misunderstanding, please I’m begging on their behalf, e ma binu ma/sir (please don’t be offended).

Markets will be shut from Friday and prices of food items keep rising. Let’s give and share as much as we can. Safely though!

See ehn, some of us are very proud like that. We are in need but won’t ask for help. E ma wo iwa wa (look beyond our pride). Please lend a helping hand. Find a way of paying for services that were never rendered, goods that will never be delivered. You may say something like ‘please send your account number let me send chocolate money for the kids for the holiday’. Tell me a parent that will buy N20,000 worth of chocolate instead of a bag of rice.

If someone musters the courage to ask for assistance, please be gracious. Don’t give them 2 derica of rice (derica is a unit of measurement) with ‘gba je n simi’ (take and get off my back) attitude. Don’t buy N500 airtime for someone and upload on your status that ‘we rise by lifting others’.

This is the time to look inwards. Patronise small businesses with their imperfections. They are run by people you know whose entire families depend on the kobo kobo they are making. Even if you don’t need the items, pay for it and give those who need them. You will be saving lives both ways.

Hanty (hey ma’am), please offset your debt a bit. The person you borrowed from needs to stock up on food!

The goal is to bring out the humanity in us. Let someone look back on these times and remember you and smile. Let’s help people stay at home and stay safe!

On a lighter note, Collins and Vida are no longer getting married, they are saying no to CoVid.

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