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Lessons From The Wellingtons

Lessons from the Wellingtons.

To all the everlasting bachelors out there, it’s not so difficult getting a wife. Do you remember that girl you acted Cinderella with in ss3? Go search for her on Facebook. If it worked for Banky, who says it can’t work for you?

And did anyone notice Adesua’s simple and natural hair?
So guys, if a lady tells you that her headtie is 3d/infinity pleats, she may not be wife material. If you send all that 6yards of Ankara she has on her head to your mother, she will pray for you.

And to all my brothers who want to do stunt, na candles Banky use o! You can just buy 2 packets of TomTom and arrange it on your dining table.
I know a couple that is still owing Silverbird Galleria because they want to do dramatic proposal.

And to our dear mothers in law:
Be like Mama Wellington.
Kneeling down is old school. Selfie ti takeover.

Love is such a beautiful thing!

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