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Humor 6.

Never expect a woman to keep a secret. If she can strip naked during labour she can’t hide anything.   Mr. Kenneth was getting close to retirement but he wanted to stay longer in service. He decided to ‘re-write’ his history. Unfortunately it was no longer business as usual. Interviewer: Mr. Kenneth, there’s a copy of the birth certificate you …

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Humor 4

Hypocrisy is when you enjoy farting in private but you hold your nose when a lawma truck(waste collection truck) is passing. When a guy is suddenly forming fitfam, he may be broke. Read: Obi: Jay, make we go drink. Jay: guy, Na water sure pass o. All this alcohol they spoil liver. Obi: OK. Just catfish peppersoup. Jay: The cholesterol …

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Humor 3-

Dollar Palaver. If the dollar could talk, it would sue a lot of Nigerians for defamation of character. Just Imagine, the mummy in the next compound was eating rice with two pieces of meat but she told her 4 children to share one egg because ‘dollar is now expensive’. And a note of warning: Not everyone that says ‘how is …

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Little Power People.

Segun was proud of his father. No, he was proud of his father’s house. I mean, how many of his father’s contemporaries and status could boast of a house how much more two! The first one, the family house is on the outskirts, far from town. A two-bedroom bungalow. The one here in town is very close to the university and has many tenants. What an edifice! It is a bungalow of ten face to face rooms. Caretaker. Landlord. Landlord’s son. Potential landlord. Call him whatever you like. His father entrusted the care of the house to him and a room for his accommodation. This responsibility, Segun handled with an iron fist. “This unifasity boys cannot come hia and do anyhow. Did their fada build house? I’m not a student like dem but I give dem house. Am I not senior?” Thus, if it so happened that your hostel is …

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Ivana was a most beautiful child. It was in her eyes. Her gaze was sharp but soft, pleasant and discerning. When your eyes met hers, she locked you in, in a way that touched your core. Adure beamed with pride over her daughter. In her, she saw the sister she never had, and vowed that they would be best friends. Chidubem loved …

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