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Little Power People 3- The Finale

Alani Alelojo visited Anuoluwapo Villa No. 12 Olukale Street, Isolu. He had been worried about the place. It is a well built house in a good location yet the rate at which students left the hostel was just too high.  His son Segun did not mind because a new tenant meant new agreement fees, which was his own share for being the care taker. His father though, thought differently. It is goodwill for the landlord when tenants stay long. He wasn’t a materialistic man either, he valued goodwill more. After all, he had been a recipient of such. It was not for nothing he named the hostel Anuoluwapo Villa meaning ‘God’s mercies are abundant’. He arrived very early one Saturday morning. He visited each tenant, tried to be friendly and fatherly. Majority were hostile, some even rude. He couldn’t understand why. Omoyeni’s room was the first on the left. So by starting with the first tenant on the right in a U-form manner, Mr. Alelojo visited Omoyeni last. He was the only one who welcomed him into his room. He offered both father and son drinks. Their discussion surprisingly was cordial. ‘My son, you seem to …

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Little Power People part 2.

Akindiji Olateru married late. His first child Omoyeni was about the age of the last children of his contemporaries that is if they had many children. Well, age is one thing, maturity is another. That boy had proven to be a man. Shortly after Omoyeni finished his secondary school education, he, Akindiji fell ill. For three and a half years Omoyeni took care of him as they moved from hospital to hospital in search of a cure. It was also a financially rough time yet the boy was a pillar managing everything and everyone. He was so efficient that his mother could stay back and take care of his two younger sisters. Akindiji remembered the day he apologized to his son for disrupting his education. He lay on the sickbed weak and in pains. Omoyeni held his hands and smiled. “Daddy don’t worry” he said. “I can always get a degree anytime. Let me take care of you. Of what use will it be flaunting a certificate and living with a guilty conscience as to whether …

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Little Power People.

Segun was proud of his father. No, he was proud of his father’s house. I mean, how many of his father’s contemporaries and status could boast of a house how much more two! The first one, the family house is on the outskirts, far from town. A two-bedroom bungalow. The one here in town is very close to the university and has many tenants. What an edifice! It is a bungalow of ten face to face rooms. Caretaker. Landlord. Landlord’s son. Potential landlord. Call him whatever you like. His father entrusted the care of the house to him and a room for his accommodation. This responsibility, Segun handled with an iron fist. “This unifasity boys cannot come hia and do anyhow. Did their fada build house? I’m not a student like dem but I give dem house. Am I not senior?” Thus, if it so happened that your hostel is …

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