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HAVE A GOOD FOOD TIMETABLE 2- Be Practical And Realistic

This is the second part of the 3-part series entitled: Have a Good Food Time Table. Be practical and realistic. A good food time table should meet the nutritional needs of the family. At the end of each day, all the food consumed by the family should have covered the major nutrients essential for life. I am tempted to give …

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Healthy Eating 101.

This is a food blog with a difference. Eating isn’t all about interesting recipes and good looking dishes. That in fact is the end stage. Knowing what to eat and how to eat healthy is the prime thing. Its not for nothing that its said that you are what you eat. To this end, we take you through some of our staples, eating the healthiest variety and how to get the best out of them. Rice, rice, rice: Many persons practically run away from eating rice. It can be a painful decision but for how long? With all the amazing recipes one can make with rice, it won’t be long before a vow of abstinence is broken. Brown Rice, Nigeria’s Ofada rice, Abakaliki (which is more versatile for most recipes unlike Ofada), Basmati, American long grain are healthy alternatives to plain white rice. Besides, serving it with a lot of vegetables and salads will provide …

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