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The folly of cheap things 2.

Kofo brought out her jotter and was following instructions from her make-up lesson notes. She kept rubbing, and plastering and cleaning and painting. Finally she declared that she was through.

“My Anty, you are looking very sweet” She said. Before we could say Jack, she disappeared.

Alice looked horrible. The gele was looking like roofing sheet.

“Do you want to wash your face?” I asked.

“It’s not that bad, Dami. It is just that the powder is too much. But before we get to the venue, the brightness will reduce. My make-up is even more attractive than yours. I told you that Ada is just too expensive.”

I just kept quiet before I’m accused of ‘hating’.

So we set out for the event. Alice’s car would not start so we had to get a taxi. The moment the Uber guy saw Alice, he said he wants to go and repair his spare tire. We should call someone else. The Taxify guy said the traffic is too much. He can’t go anymore. Only a yellow cab baba agreed to take us. But he kept looking at Alice through the mirror. That one no concern me.

We got to the reception hall and met a queue. Dignitaries were expected so the security protocol was long. The Invitation card doubled as an access card. Then, the worst happened. Amidst all the make-up drama, Alice had forgotten her IV. With this horrible make-up, I concluded that her chances of getting in was very slim. But there’s no harm in trying.

“Let’s just try. You never know. We might meet someone we know who will let you in. If you’ve come this far, we can as well make the effort to go in.” I said.

So we approach the entrance. I show him my card. Surprisingly, the security officer looked happy to see Alice.

“Why are you still here madam? Your people have been waiting for you.” He dragged her in.

What people? Alice and I are confused.

“The cultural dance people have been waiting for you. They ought to have performed 45minutes ago, but they said the masquerade is delaying them. Abi, are you not the one?” I quickly take her in. We get lost in the crowd.

Alice starts to cry.
“Dami, he just called me a masquerade.”
“Don’t mind him, he has never seen Kim Kardashian before.”

Manicure, pedicure, acrylic nails, make-up and gele -N2,500.00. She’s even fortunate they didn’t arrest her for witchcraft.

She said I should give her Ada’s number.

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